6 Reasons I Rocked The Party! (Outfit)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello, my darling loves. How r u? Fine you say, I'm glad. Happy New Year! This week has been a busy week, I have been out like every night. But, I will only post one outfit a day. This is a outfit I wore to a birthday party. I am proud of this outfit for 6 reasons

1.) I love sequins!
2.) We were suppose to wear black and white but I wore pink instead. What can I say? I like to stand out!
3.) I stood, walked around, and danced all night in my first pair of heels! I went for a plain 2 1/2 inch pair to start out with.
4.) A part from the birthday girl I was the best dressed at the shindig.
5.) I got lots of compliments from everyone fat and skinny.
6.) Everyone wanted take my minnie mouse shirt home.

Outfit Stats 
Bow-DIY American Apparel Sash 
Shirt- Evans 
Skirt- Torrid 
Leggings- Beth Ditto for Evans 
Sweater - Target  
Heels- Payless




Here are those heels.



Oh and Because I had such a good time at the party, heres a picture of me and my best friend/ roommate  chris at the party doing just that!



Anonymous said...

i rele like that outfit

the toybox killer said...

despite the sequins, i actually like this a lot.

my only criticism is that with the higher-wasted skirt, part of the minnie mouse graphic is cut off, which makes a potentially great outfit just good.

other than that it is pretty perfect though.

Amelia Pontes said...

I WANT YOUR SKIRT!!! I have been searching for a sequined mini. Great outfits!

Gaƫlle PRUDENCIO said...

aw!!!! This is lovely!! I NEED all the outfit!

Tiffany said...

Thank you everyone