The Bigger the Hair the Closer to Somebody

Monday, September 14, 2015

Denim Shirt - Torrid(sold out but girl its a denim shirt, you can find them everywhere)/ Blush Chinos - Lane Bryant/Shoes - Adidas Superstar/hair-touched by an angel

I think this is one of my favorite outfits as of late. In keeping with the theme around here these days this outfit is super casual but still put together. I've worn this out with friends, to the strip club, and to school.  

There is no real narrative for this outfit choice so I have some bullet points:

1.) These Lane Bryant chinos fit so well I own them in two colors. 
2.) Nobody believes these pants are from Lane Bryant because they fit so well and  the color is so dope. 
3.) Look at LB stepping they cookies up before they crumble. 
4.) My hair is FUCKING huge. 
5.) The bigger the hair the closer to...well..somebody 

P.S. If you want shop my closet head over to my big cartel. We have one more round of items going up soon.

When the Weather Can't Make Up It's Mind

Button Up - Trifted/T-Shirt - Asos/Jeans -Torrid/Sandals-Birkenstock/Watch -Jord

I thought today I would share with you guys (the two of you that are still with me) a super simple go-to outfit for me. As summer fades and ushers in Fall we're often left with weather that is both hot and cool. A great way to combat that is with light layers and holes! Yes, holes.

For this outfit I went with a plain boyfriend t-shirt with this light weight thrifted plaid top over it. It's a great layer because it adds interest but is still light enough that its not too hot. For bottoms I just paired it with a pair of ripped Torrid "skinny" jeans that I purchased in a larger size to wear as boyfriend jeans. Rips(or holes like my grandmother calls them) help keep you ventilated in the heat while the fabric of a full length jean keeps you warm at cooler moments.

Whelp! That's it. What are your go to outfits? What do you wear when the weather can't make up it's mind?

Dressed in All Black Like the Omen

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Long Line Tee, Cut off Shorts - Asos/Boots - Bedstu via Urban Outfitters (old), Hat - Forever 21 (old), Glasses - Warby Parker Nash in Crystal, Wood Watch - c/o Jord Sully in Black Maple. 

Photos by - Carmine is Velvet

After the Bad Boy Reunion a few weeks ago at the BET Awards there's no way like minded people don't get the title of this post but anyway....

Today for your viewing pleasure I recreated the look I wore to a 4th of July Barbecue. I know what you're thinking, "summer is light, airy and all about color and print." You're wrong! Summer is hot and muggy! Also, allow me to remind you that goths have to get dressed in the summer too. Clearly I'm not goth but now that my new wardrobe is gender neutral and paired down to more simple classic pieces I like to dabble. 

To fellowship with my goth sisters and brothers in Christ but not spontaneously combust under thick black fabrics I went with this Asos long line side split tee and paired it with their cut off shorts. I love this cut of shorts by the way. They're not short shorts but not Bermuda either so they don't ride up and save me from one of my biggest annoyances: constantly adjusting. I approve! I kept it grungy, goth, and not hot with these Bedstu boots that are perfect for summer because they are thinner and lighter than Doc Martens. And finally for an unexpected touch I went with the Jord watch in Sully

Most of the outfits I've seen styled with the Jord watch are more contemporary so I used this as an opportunity to showcase its ability to work with more alternative styles as well. Jord means earth, soil, land in Swedish which is fitting because all of the watches are created using wood. I chose the two tone black and maple color for my Sully watch which arrived beautifully packaged. The watch was sized to fit me so I had no issues there and the quality was great. Overall I highly recommend you check them out! 

The post was not sponsored but the watch was provided for review. 

Yo Daddy's Clothes.

Friday, June 26, 2015

T-Shirt, Jeans- Asos/ Button Up - Maine New England via Debenhams/Sandals - Doc Marten/Necklace 1, Necklace 2, Necklace 3 - Mr. Kate. 

I'm back in Chicago! Now, that I'm back my best friend Jay and I will be taking pictures every week (well most weeks). I am also working on getting the blog re-designed, changing the name, and restarting my youtube channel. I have so much to say and showcase and I can't wait to get started. I have also gotten rid of most my clothes and revamped my wardrobe to better fit my style. My other best friend, Britney and I have sorted through all my junk and we will be having an online 5, 10, and 15 dollar sale in the coming weeks so stay tuned. 

Church announcements are done so now on to the outfit. Summer may have showed up and showed out in your city but on my side of the world she has taken an extended vacation. I can't wear shorts yet so I decided on the these extremely ripped jeans. They give me summer vibes without leaving me completely exposed. I went for the US 24 but if you want a tighter fit I would size down. I kept it casual with a super drapey jersey t-shirt and a mens button down. When I'm shopping I worry less about the gender assigned to the clothes and shop in all sections. I encourage you all to do the same, especially plus size men because the struggle is real. Between the button down and the glasses I feel like I got dressed in your dad's closet but I love it. 

Asos Mannequin

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jacket, Top (sold out), Jeans, Shoes - Asos 

I'm back from Paris! For pictures from my trip you can head to my Instagram. It rained the whole weekend so I didn't get the outfit shots I was hoping for. Sorry! Back to this post though. 

Just incase you hadn't noticed so much of what I've been wearing has been from Asos. Boyfriend cut, girlfriend, and just oversized things in general have been everywhere for quite some time. Those cuts work so well for my current style and since Asos is usually on trend they have tons of those pieces. Also, on a completely different note I finally found a denim jacket after finally laying my $5 thrift store one to rest. Asos is truly has everything. The fit of this one is perfect. It's oversized with out being too big and has 

I wore this casual outfit leaving Birmingham after the Pusha T, Jhene, and J Cole concert. The show was great but after standing all night I just wanted to wear something casual the next day. I love that this outfit has casual feel I was looking for but is jazzed up with small details.  

Lost Files

Leather Jacket, (sold out but similar here) Sweat Pants, Grey T-shirt (sold out but similar here) - Asos, Shoes - Nike, Scarf - Local Shop  

I took these photos a few months ago when it was colder (obviously) but at the time decided I didn't like them but looking at them now I'm not sure why. Even though summer is on the horizon for the western hemisphere, in England it's still in the 50 degree range, so I've still been wearing this outfit minus the scarf and gloves. Also, in Chicago it's 50 degrees one day and 80 the next so don't put them leather jackers away just yet. 

Thanks for your continued support. 

Doug Funny Closet

Friday, April 24, 2015

Faux Leather Jacket(out of stock), Ridley Busted Skinny Jeans - Asos/Shirt - RjR John Rocha via Debenhams/Necklace 1, Necklace 2 - Mr.Kate/ Glasses- Warby Parker Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise/ Shoes - Doc Marten  2976/Hat - American Apparel 

I bought some Doc Marten's that aren't 1460's! If you've been following this blog for any length of time you know that I am the 1460 queen or king (you pick) but I decided to branch out and try some of their Chelsea Boots. 

Anyway! I feel like I'm not portraying my closet accurately on the blog lately; its like I have a Doug Funny closet. Like if you opened my wardrobe all you've see is 10 pairs of these jeans and 10 of the leather jacket I'm wearing. I can't help it! I'm obsessed with these two pieces at the moment and I'm wearing them to death before summer comes. I've been searching for my perfect leather jacket and skinny jeans for years and finally found them as well so sue me! I've got a better variety of looks to come (from Paris!) though I promise.