A London Christmas

Saturday, December 27, 2014

I couldn't go back to Chicago for Christmas because the struggle is real so I went to London instead. I spent the holiday with the lovely Mele, Teresa, and Emma (my London buddies!) as well as their houseguest Bonny and Danni. We started the trip off with seeing Wicked. I knew a few of the songs but had never seen it. I live for musicals! It was the best! I really would like to see it again. Then we had dinner at Jimmy's World Food. Long story short: Great India food, poor service. The outfit above is what I wore for all of the day's festivities. Style wise I've been trying to tap more into the hard side or hard-femme. You know, embracing my inner tomboy. I been wearing joggers and jerseys and things like that so yea.  Should I do a post on this or a video? hmmm.... Anyway! 

The next day we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to see the ice sculptures and then I had Shake Shack for the first time since I left New York in 2010. It tasted like Memories gone by (ha!), it was great! Christmas was spent eating, playing heads up, watching movies, and just having a general good time. Mele and Teresa did an amazing job on the food and I can't thank all ladies enough for their hospitality. Because of them I didn't spent Christmas alone and I'm forever grateful. How did you spent your Christmas? 

Chilling on Christmas

Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep it Holy!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scarf, Oversized T-Shirt, Heart Necklace - Asos/Bullet Necklace - Ebay/Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans - Evans/ Coat - New Look Inspire/Shoes - Unif

So apparently grey is a trend. When I first heard about it I reacted much in the same way Miranda Priestly did about florals. But the good thing about this relatively goofy trend is it challenges your creativity. Wearing all one color reminds me of the girls from high school that would wear the same one or two colors with little to no tonal variation from head to toe. I don't have to tell you it looked a fool. Here I layered a few different tones of grey and added a grey and black patterned coat over it from New Look Inspire. I think it worked out pretty well. Someone on Tumblr said I looked like a fashionable cloud! Ha! I'll take it! 

Also, shout out to Teresa, Mele, Emma, and Rhi. I hopped a train from Brighton to London, where all four of the ladies are currently working as teachers, and we spent the day hanging out. First, we went to a bust of a thrift sale at East End thrift store. Most of the items were dirty, ripped rejects and it didn't seem like they'd done as much restocking as promised. I miss Chicago thrifting so much! Then we walked through Notting Hill market were we ate street food and I saw the book store from Notting Hill! There were so many people taking pictures in front of the door but you know the book nerd in me wanted to stop in because it looked so beautiful inside but by that time I was so tired. Next time! We ended the day at the 7 day adventist church the ladies belong to and then had Nando's! I'm not the biggest fan of Jesus or Church but it was a nice service and a nice throw back to my childhood because my Grandma is an Adventist so I grew up going. 

Fall Catalogue

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red Check Top-New Look/Fluffy Black Cardigan-New Look/Skinny Jeans-Evans/Shoes-UNIF/Necklace-H&M(recent)

First post from England! Today my new friend Rosie and I got together to shoot some outfit photos. Honestly, I'm a little out of practice, but I think the two I've posted here are pretty nice; they look like shots out of a fall clothing catalogue which for some reason immediately makes me think of the Brady Bunch celebrating by singing "Sunshine Day" in Sears. Don't Ask! Anyway! This outfit is certainly not the edgiest I've gotten, but it's what I wore to my seminar so it's pretty representative of a casual outfit for me. My shoes say "fucked forever" though. Does that make this outfit edgy?
Can we discuss these jeans though? If you've been following me on various places on the Internet over the years you know I almost never wear pants and when I do they are never jeans. However, these are the jeans I've looking for since I was sixteen. They are super stretchy and comfortable and are actually really skinny at the leg! Every other pair of skinny jeans I've worn fit properly everywhere else but fit more like straight leg pants at the bottom. I'm in love. 

Outfit Picture Taking Fails.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long time no hear from right? I've been away from you guys for so many reasons. I should make a list. List are good!

1.) School - I started going to a four university and was just over whelmed with reading and writing so blogging took a definite backseat.

2.) Lack of Inspiration - So much of the clothing I've been seeing is just not exciting me. You guys know I'm busy. I like prints, patterns, and just different shit in general. Nothing has been serving me that which means I'm just not excited to get dressed. I always strive to bring something new to the table. I can't be posting pictures of myself in just body con dresses and blazers. I don't do natural hair videos, as many have suggested, because I don't have anything to bring to that platform. A wash and go is a wash and go is a wash and go. You don't need me to show you that. I feel the same way about blogging. How many times can I wear a dress and combat boots before you're over it?

3.) I Have Other Passions. I've been making videos on youtube about my first love, books, for a while. I post book reviews, hauls, and other book related videos so check it out here if you're a reader.

4.) Shooting Photos Never Goes Well - Self explanatory.

5.) Study Abroad - I've been running around all summer trying to get my shit together to move for the school year. You'll be happy to know I got more or less worked out and will be moving  toEngland for 9 months. I'm hoping being in a new place will inspire me more so we'll see.

That's it. I do like blogging. There is an urge to share I think will never go away, so I'm not going to officially quit this blog or delete it. I'm just not going to be making promises to post, I'll do it when it can.

So anyway, here some of the failed outfits photos from the pass few weeks.

 photo 10325297_10154214098470564_3835597814621819159_n_zps035d9daa.jpg
Jacket - Torrid, Dress - Ashely Nell Tipton (made in a shorter length for me), Boots - Doc Marten. 

 photo 10410695_10154491566375564_8950488353220072991_n_zpsfe8adff2.jpg
Vest - Old Torrid Top I DIYed (The tutorial for that is here), Top - Killer Condo (I'm wearing the 2x which they don't appear to have any more), Skirt - Ashely Nell Tipton (made in a shorter length for me, link is to a similar skirt). 

 photo 10636315_10154539996595564_1133371638708177231_n_zps7f8c3d6a.jpg
Jacket - Torrid, Dress - C/O simply be, Boots - Doc Marten.

Nothing Makes a Failure But a Try

Friday, March 14, 2014

 photo 1e5af4da-0d5f-4286-b328-ae3623b72b07_zps43690797.jpg

I tired to take photos today and these were the only two that were postable (is that a word?). Apparently I wanted to show you that you can also wear this crop top with leggings? So, there's that. I'm taking photos again next week and there will be a full brand new outfit. I promise. Word to the ten people that still visit this blog. You are appreciated! 

 photo 76dbb9e5-1ca0-45f8-91b5-bfd5bceef07f_zpsa7f30b0b.jpg
My hair slayed in this photo.

Real or Fantasy

Sunday, January 12, 2014

 photo 63993f8b-83fc-49e8-a242-ab3254d84c61_zpsd486a123.jpg
Black Teggings - Re/Dress/Faux Leather Skirt, Crop Sequin Tee - Simply Be/ Dino Necklace - Ready to Stare/ Boots - Doc Marten. 

Guess who's back in the mutha fuckin house wit two big tig-o-bitties fa yo mouth!? 

I'm back and for good hopefully. I've asked my friend Lawrence to help me take photos at least once a week while I'm living somewhat near him. I'm not sure what will happen when I go back home in the summer, but lets just bask in the glow of now. Ok? 

I've missed blogging and I hope you like the photos. 

 photo NewOutfit1_zpsc030caa5.jpg

 photo 5d50bf56-9222-4bac-99ad-18eac979add6_zps051fdb82.jpg

I Was Gone For a Minute Now I'm Back With the Jump Off

Sunday, September 15, 2013

 photo 1235161_10153241347615564_633970355_n_zps90e30880.jpg
Black Teggings- Re/Dress/Jacket - Simply Be/Top - Yours Clothing/Shorts - Torrid/Boots - Doc Marten

Only not really. That title is a product of frequent hood rat moments with my friends. I actually was busy preparing, packing, and moving into university. School is only in week 2 so I'm still getting acclimated but all is well. I even managed to get a work study job. 

Way back when Re/dress was under different management they sent me this pair of teggings and I have just now gotten around to photos. These things are amazing. Tights for me can be costly and break after a few wears, but paired with similar colored socks these have the look of tights and the durability and comfort of leggings. I will definitely be buying more of these for the winter.

 photo photo1_zps7063bbae.jpg