When updated regularly (1-2 times a week) Fat Shopaholic Receives about 10 - 15,000 unique hits a month and 25,000 page views according to Site Meter and 38,000 page views according to blogger. For more information on traffic please check out our Site Meter here. For information on our demographics please check out our Alexa page here.

All post on Fat Shopaholic reach the following:
950 Google Friend Connect Followers 

Outfit post and clothing reviews reach the above and the following:
300 - 1100 views per post on Flickr
1500 Youtube Subscribers 

Mentions and features also help bring in traffic. Please check out a full list here
Fat Shopaholic also has an on going partnership with Torrid

Banner Advertisements 

For banner ads please send an email with your companies name, the size of your potential placement, and how long you would like it ran. I will respond as soon as possible to discuss a price based on your needs. Each month must be paid in advance.

Text Link Ads 

Text link ad's will be placed under the "other curvy resources section" and are $50 a month. Each month must be paid in advance. 

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post include a brief write up on a company or product written by myself, up to 4 text links, and 3 photos. At this time sponsored post are limited to fashion related things and are $150 each. See an example here

Product Reviews

Product Reviews include a outfit post with a brief write up on the product and a link to the company or product.  At this time I am unable to review products that have a "review by"date. See an example here


Giveaways are a great way to launch a new product or brand. Like sponsored post they include a brief write up on a company or product written by myself, up to 4 text links, and 3 photos. See an example here