Thrifting For Valentines Day! (outfit)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yesterday was valentines day and I had 3 valentines. They were Nik of Mezzo Fashionisto, Cid of  Chunky  Curlz and my bestest friend Britney so, I'm very happy about that. :-)

For valentines day me and Britney went thrifting and had mexican food! Yumo! Today's thrifting trip was fruitful in some ways and not in others. We went to the Village Discount located at 2032 N. Milwaukee Av. in Chicago. Today the colors blue, yellow, and pink were half off or 3 for a dollar. I say that my trip a success because I got a Guess denim jacket for $10.00, a Eddie Bauer plaid shirt for half off which made it $0.90, and a pair of leather oxfords for $3.00. Britney also showed me her vintage Christian Dior coat she found a few weeks ago at a thrift store which was a treat; it is in great condition! Our guess is that it was left in the dry cleaners and never picked up so they gave it away.

 Anyways while I found some great finds today, the thrift store was huge and very unorganized. There were things everywhere. This place even had a "plus size section" but nothing in it was plus sized. There were hardly any dresses and most of everything there was plain. I have heard some good reviews about this village discount so, maybe this was a off day?

My finds were from the mens side.  The Guess denim jacket is a XXL in mens. The fit is great apart from the fact that it doesn't close. If it was a full price item  I would have left it but, for $10.00 I decided to get it seeing as though I never plan to wear in closed it anyway. They did have another one there that was a 3X. It was a different brand and lighter wash of denim that I didn't like so I didn't get it.

This Eddie Bauer plaid shirt is great. Its nice and soft. Its a XL in mens. It fits well, a little baggy in sleeves but, otherwise great! I seem to have great luck with mens plaid shirts. I thrifted a great looking Ben Sherman one last year to!

My oxfords are great . They are mens as well and they are a little distressed which is just the way I like them.

 If any of you are wondering why I have been thrifting a lot lately it's because I haven't been coming across a ton of money and the money I have been getting I want to make stretch. Therefore, I'm getting back into thrifting and trying to mix old things with new things. This is also a great way to still be a shopaholic but, on a budget.  You can see other thrifted finds and check on my thrifting tips here. Here is what I wore to thrift. This is a good thrifting out fit because if you take off the cardigan you can just slip what ever you want over it because it's just leggings and a t-shirt. I also I love my I heart Norwegian wood leggings. They are a custom fit and get a thumbs up for being well made and comfortable!

Outfit Stats:
Cardigan: Shane
Shirt - Asos
Leggings - I heart Norwegian Wood
Shoes - 43g

Please let me know in the comments if you like reading about my thrifting trips. If you do I will keep them up and if not I won't! Hope you like my outfit! :-) Tomorrow I head to Unique Thrift Store  for the 50% sale. Wish me Luck!


Jen said...

Girly, you are rockin those leggings! Glad you had a great V Day :)

Unknown said...

OK! Seriously! I need to learn patience while thrifting! I went to a couple stores in boys town over the weekend and I only came out with glasses! lol I went into Crossroads in Evanston and I bought what? Glasses! haha I sooooooooo need to hook up with you to see how a real thrifter thinks! :) Cute leggings BTW!

vc said...

I wish I could thrift more often. Every time I step into a thrift with in minuets my allergies start to act up and I need to get out of there. Unfortunately thrift stores a bit to dusty for me. I can go if I wear a mask, but I don't want people to think I have H1N1 LOL!!
I concur the leggings are awesome!

Frances said...

I'm so bad at thrifting. I've had the worst luck everytime I've tried. That said, I didn't have a well defined style until recently, so I should give it another go.

I LOVE THAT THRIFTING OUTFIT. LOVE IT. The monochrome, the leggings, the batwing cardie, the high tops... awesome. That outfit is awesome all over.