Tiffany at Dangerous Curves Ahead & Write Up in Plus Model Magazine

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Last week I went to the Dangerous Curves Ahead Fashion Show here in Chicago. I had a great  time and met some great people. Per my usual little old me was the spark of some controversy. Apparently some people thought my bow was to big and were complaining they couldn't see over it but, other people actually hugged me and thanked me for my willingness to be bold.  You know Usually I'm not this skimpy on the written portion of my post so, check out my full write up in Plus Model Magazine here. Also thanks to Extra Funsized and Caviar Dreams on a Cheese and Cracker Budget  for helping me write my bio for the master head via twitter. You can check the bio out here.

(Tiffany and Curvatude on the purple carpet)

(Tiffany and Saw Rai)

(Tiff and Niehla from Chocolate Sushi Couture)

(Tiff and Tamika Martell- The coordinator of the event)

My Outfit
Romper, jacket - Torrid 
Leggings - Lane Bryant 
Bow - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless 


Unknown said...

Aweeeee, I'm so mad that I missed it! haha @ you always causing trouble! ;) I love your headband...and I looooooooove the "shopping through life one floral print at a time" it's perfect for you!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Who's hating on the bow? Tell them they can go where...back there! Haters to the left!

kiddotrue said...

tavigate the fat girl remix! i love it!

and i'm glad i could help!

p.s. i love the romper. and how you're always smiling in pics.

L said...

You looked great! The bow was a fabulous touch, and boo hoo, if they couldn't see they should've moved forward lol ;P

vc said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Looking cute in floral print as always. I am slowing embracing floral print, did you see my last post!
Congrats on the article in plus model mag!!

Anonymous said...

Bow too big? PSH! They can sit elsewhere, you look great! x