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Monday, September 27, 2010

Here I am back like I never left. I know it's been a few weeks, but I had a lot going on. For instance, I moved back to Chicago. I miss New York, but I like being home where I know the city; plus the thrifting is way better. I know that was random, but it's true. Every body is trying so hard to be cool, so they scoop up the good stuff first. Also, lots of people sell there clothes to vintage shops and vintage in New York is super expensive. I'm going thrifting with Britney tomorrow...wish us luck!

Anyway, before I left I went a army surplus store in the east village and picked up a army shirt(I wear it as a jacket). I love this jacket so much, I want to wear it every day. Its not exactly the military trend, but it is from some division of the arm forces. I paired it with shorts and sheer tights. The sheers were fine during the day, but the later it got the colder I got. It may be time to put these away soon. I added my leopard print belt/scarf and new ankle boots from Evans, and also, an elephant pendent I got from Christina. It makes me think of my granny(she lived for elephants), so I wear it all the time now.






Blet/Scarf thingy - naKiMuli 
Earrings - Somewhere 
Elephant Necklace - Gifted from Christina 
Black T- Shirt - Asos Curve
Army Shirt/Jacket - Army Surplus
Tights - Avenue
Shorts - Torrid
Boots - Evans

Photos by Brenen
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