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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday I went to get my hair done for the first time since I've been back in Chicago. Rather then get a basic curl or straight style I figured since I was paying why not change it up a bit, so I got a faux hawk. Why a faux hawk? Well when I was 15 my sister braided up the sides of my hair in cornrows with designs into a faux hawk and curled the middle and I really liked it. After that though I became the girl that wanted length over style. I would never curl my hair tight because it made my hair look shorter, but now although I didn't cut my hair I want style over length. I also seemed to think my face was too fat for a short style; my mind has since changed.

While I don't wear make up often I do have a little bit that I throw on every once and a while.  I am wearing Professional Paris Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation #170 , Urban Decay SkyScraper Multi Benefit Mascara , and Sephora Lip Attitude - Star Plum Vertigo 12. I don't know enough about make up to wear Eye Shadow and liner yet...maybe next time? 






Every time I get my hair done I get my eyebrows arched, this time was no different.

Earrings - Probably Beauty Supply 

Is anybody trying a new hair style or a new look? Let me know!

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