Lessons Learned and Favorites

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love when Amelia does this post on her blog. At the end of her post she sometimes asks people to share their favorites and lessons learned and rather then write a book in her comments I thought I would just do my own post. I hope she doesn't mind. Here goes nothing! `

Lessons Learned  

1.) The best things in life are free. I can honestly say many of my favorite experiences in life have been free of charge. Making Buffalo Shrimp salad filled with every salad condiment that can fit in the bowl while watching Sunday night prime time television with my best friend. Or playing games and bouncing balls with Britney in Target. And finally, spending Halloween eating pizza, playing Wii games, watching Noah's Arc, and recanting our favorite moments in the what seems like a billion cycles of America's Next Top Mode with Jay and Nya. 

2.) Everyone shows their true colors eventually. People abruptly attempt to change for the better for many reasons, sickness, guilt, longing and the list goes on, but unless the change comes from a genuine place folks will slowly start to revert back to their original most genuine self. 

3.) The big picture sometimes out ranks the devils lurking in the details. I remember in "A Bronx Tale" when Calogero was chasing after a friend he didn't particularly care for for $20 he loaned him. Sonny told him that as long as he owed him the money he'd never see him again and if he wasn't a very good friend $20 was a small price to pay to be rid of him. Sometimes it's important to look at things the way Sonny did. 

This week I realized maybe someone isn't being a very good friend to me and rather then get stressed out and hound them about why maybe I should just accept that they may not want to spend time with me any more.  If I don't hound them they won't feel obligated to attempt to see me or call me. Having had suffered in their past indiscretions is a small price to pay for the peace I'll gain not being stressed out about the details regarding the status of our friendship. 

4.) Living life carefree and without a plan is easier said then done. Sometimes I let the future get the best of me. 

5.) Validating yourself is the most important, but everybody needs at least one other person to remind them that they are special. Thanks Mom.


1.) The Glee Cast Sweet Transvestite - I'm a little confused as to why it was decided that "Sweet transvestite from Transexual,Transylvania" would be changed to "Sweet transvestite from Sensational, Transylvania", but I love the soulful vocals. 

2.) New Wii Games - Just Dance is so much fun. The dances are ridiculous, but the point is to give your all, make a fool of yourself and have fun. Plus it's a work out in disguise. DJ Hero was hard and DJ Hero 2 adds even more elements to make it even harder, but I love every second of it. 

3.) Playing Dress Up - Sometimes when putting clothes away I just start trying out different looks and experimenting with my wardrobe. I feel like a six year old playing in a dress up chess filled with fairy tale costumes only the costumes in my chess help me give a glimpse of whats on the inside to people that can only see me from the outside. 

4.) Alice Takes a Trip - Many of my old hair pieces don't work for my new hair do (I'm going to convert the pieces on bands to clips) and some of them are lost, so I took advantage of the Alice Takes a Trip Discount code from last week and purchased all of their bows. I love them! I wish their clothes came in plus size, so I can wear everything. 


5.) Obsessed - I love this movie! The ridiculousness of the bad acting, horrid plot, and underdeveloped characters makes for a great laugh. After all there is a beauty in mistakes right?
Derrick: Sharon,where am I suppose to go?
Sharon: To hell, but until then I suggest the Four Seasons!

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