Mr. West?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The hair salon I go to had a customer appreciation party yesterday. I didn't think I would have nearly as much fun as I did. I thought it would be more like a get together with some food and a few bottles of wine, but there was a hair show, great food, music, dancing, and a open bar. 

Dancing and having fun.

Let the drinking begin! 

The shindig cracked and so did the edible arrangement..LOL

Get it Girl! 

This is me dancing to "Big and Chunky". The song just isn't the same if you don't purse your lips and shimmy back and forth.

This is one of my favorite outfits. I saw a picture of Kanye West when I was ummm...looking for some pictures of him. I saved the photo because I loved the colors so much. I wanted to recreate it, but I didn't have the right pieces, but slowly but surely they came together in a organic way. I've had this Asos shirt for a few months and I recently ordered the trousers from Evans. Then yesterday I went to the Salvation Army and got this blazer. It was a suit, so it was $7.50. I didn't want to spend that much, but I loved the colors and button details so much that I put in my cart anyway. When I got to the register it turned out the suit was half off. Yay me! 

I wore these pants in my last outfit; I love that they are a neutral that isn't black and take color so well.  I wish I got a shot of my shimmery pink backpack. Oh! I colored my hair. It now has red and light brown high lights. I'm going to take better pictures of it soon. 

We were trying to get a picture me hitting my dougie(which it appears I can only do when I'm drunk) at the bus stop, but that didn't happen. This is me laughing in between shots. 

Outfit Stats:
Earrings - Beauty Supply 
Wallet Chain (Worn as necklace) - Hot Topic
Shirt - Asos
Blazer - Thrifted 
Pants - Evans 
Shoes - Two String Jane 

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