Street Style

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair bow: Asos/Crop Top: Gisela Ramirez/Jacket: Trip Courtesy of Torrid/Shoes: Courtesy of Torrid/Skirt:Ebay
Photo by Lenny Gilmore.

I know I've been gone a while, but it's been for good reasons I promise! Yesterday, while I was picking up a few things after school I was stopped by Lenny Gilmore, a staff photographer from the Red Eye Chicago Newspaper, to take some street style photos for the Red Eye website. He took the photo above. It was the second time I got stopped by Chicago publication for street style within a few weeks which is really weird. You can comment on the photo on the Red Eye website here


While we're on the subject of back school am I the only one that gets completely over done for it? I really am either dressed or I'm not I guess with no in-between. I've been taking some pictures of my face looks with my phone lately.  Maybe I'll take some better quality ones for a lipstick post if you don't mind starring at my face. lol

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