Skin Care Routine

Friday, April 26, 2013

I tried to record a skin care video and failed so I thought I would just write out what I do until I can get a proper one uploaded. 


1.) I take off my makeup with either the plain, night calming, or hydrating Neutrogena makeup removal wipes. Also, sometimes I use the Simple brand

2.) I wet my face and the deep pore cleansing brush of my Clarisonic Mia with warm water. Then I put some of the Simple Moisturizing Cleanser on the brush and wash my face for a minute. I take a warm towel and wipe the remaining makeup off my face. 

3.) I tone my face using the Simple toner

4.) I Moisturize with the Mango Moisture butter for face


1.) Repeat Steps 2 - 3 from the night Routine. 

2.) Apply a thin layer of 10% benzoyl peroxide ance medicine all over my face. 

3.) Repeat step 4 from the night routine. 

No makeup days:

I do the same things, but I don't use the makeup wipes, skip the Clarisonic and just wash my face with my fingers and the face wash. 

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