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Sunday, January 12, 2014

 photo 63993f8b-83fc-49e8-a242-ab3254d84c61_zpsd486a123.jpg
Black Teggings - Re/Dress/Faux Leather Skirt, Crop Sequin Tee - Simply Be/ Dino Necklace - Ready to Stare/ Boots - Doc Marten. 

Guess who's back in the mutha fuckin house wit two big tig-o-bitties fa yo mouth!? 

I'm back and for good hopefully. I've asked my friend Lawrence to help me take photos at least once a week while I'm living somewhat near him. I'm not sure what will happen when I go back home in the summer, but lets just bask in the glow of now. Ok? 

I've missed blogging and I hope you like the photos. 

 photo NewOutfit1_zpsc030caa5.jpg

 photo 5d50bf56-9222-4bac-99ad-18eac979add6_zps051fdb82.jpg

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