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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Coat, T-Shirt - Asos/Jeans - Evans/Fingerless Gloves - American Apparel/Scarf - Local Shop/ Shoes - Doc Marten  1461/Necklace - Mr. Kate/ Glasses - Warby Parker Nash in Crystal

Photos by Emma

On Instagram I've been hash tagging my outfit photos #boysinmakeup #hardfemme2015 because I've decided to dress more hard than femme. No, it doesn't mean I'm about to go pick up the aggressive bitch starter kit of baggy dark denim and timberlands, but it does mean you'll rarely (if ever) see me in skirts or dresses any more and that I'll be wearing some sporty looks, gender neutral clothing, and just plain ole' menswear. I've identified as hard femme for many years and was never the ultimate girly girl so in many ways this isn't a huge departure from what you've been seeing. I'll still be moving about the cabin with a beat mug too; I can't live in a world without lipstick. 

I've realized that fly fat boys that don't wear church clothes have it so hard! Like oh my god! Can a bitch get a short sleeve button down in a fly print in size fat? Geez. I'm going to have to do some major thrifting when I get home because while I like the outfit above ya'll know I'm busy and need prints in my life. This all neutral shit ain't for the kid. 

Here's another random ass neutral look. Prints, Patterns! Where you at girl? I miss you. 

Coat - New Look/ T-Shirt, Jeans - Asos/ Necklace - Mr. Kate. 

I've been playing around with different ways to wear my hair as well. It's rough when your naps have taken on their own orbit but I like this look with the snapback a lot. 

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