Dressed in All Black Like the Omen

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Long Line Tee, Cut off Shorts - Asos/Boots - Bedstu via Urban Outfitters (old), Hat - Forever 21 (old), Glasses - Warby Parker Nash in Crystal, Wood Watch - c/o Jord Sully in Black Maple. 

Photos by - Carmine is Velvet

After the Bad Boy Reunion a few weeks ago at the BET Awards there's no way like minded people don't get the title of this post but anyway....

Today for your viewing pleasure I recreated the look I wore to a 4th of July Barbecue. I know what you're thinking, "summer is light, airy and all about color and print." You're wrong! Summer is hot and muggy! Also, allow me to remind you that goths have to get dressed in the summer too. Clearly I'm not goth but now that my new wardrobe is gender neutral and paired down to more simple classic pieces I like to dabble. 

To fellowship with my goth sisters and brothers in Christ but not spontaneously combust under thick black fabrics I went with this Asos long line side split tee and paired it with their cut off shorts. I love this cut of shorts by the way. They're not short shorts but not Bermuda either so they don't ride up and save me from one of my biggest annoyances: constantly adjusting. I approve! I kept it grungy, goth, and not hot with these Bedstu boots that are perfect for summer because they are thinner and lighter than Doc Martens. And finally for an unexpected touch I went with the Jord watch in Sully

Most of the outfits I've seen styled with the Jord watch are more contemporary so I used this as an opportunity to showcase its ability to work with more alternative styles as well. Jord means earth, soil, land in Swedish which is fitting because all of the watches are created using wood. I chose the two tone black and maple color for my Sully watch which arrived beautifully packaged. The watch was sized to fit me so I had no issues there and the quality was great. Overall I highly recommend you check them out! 

The post was not sponsored but the watch was provided for review. 

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