Professional Squeezer!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I call my self a "Professional Squeezer" because I often find my self getting into a XL or Large at some straight size stores. Today I wanted to show you a Silence + Noise shirt from UrbanOutfitters that is labeled a Large. The fabric was stretchy and was cut big to hang more loose on a smaller woman. But I think the more fitted look is cute on me. What do you think?


(sweater vest - Target, Shirt- urban outfitters, Jeans- Torrid, Glasses- F21)


Nikki B said...

girl you know how to get creative. I feel you cause I do the same thing. the shirt is really cute and I love how you paired the vest with it. what did you wear on your feet? kicks?

Tiffany said...

Purple and white kicks!...When I do my photo shoot with my friend.there will full body shots its just hard to do when its just me.

Izzygetsbizzy said...

Hello Tiffany:

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Tiffany said...

Hello, I would be happy to add you to my blog roll if you could agree to do something similar because this is a up and coming blog as well.
Thank You!

Also I did a post about trading or donating clothes

The link is there, it might be a good place to link your readers to.
 For things like this though you should email at