Beth Ditto Dress (Outfit)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yesterday I got more of my Beth Ditto clearance clothes. To try this dress out I wore it to a family birthday party at my home. The dress is great. Its form fitting but, the cut is perfect for me(its a 26 or 30 UK). I know some people are scared to order from stores across the pond but, it does fit true to size. I think there are still a couple dresses left in a UK 30 for 25.00 pounds as opposed to the original 50.00 pounds so hop down fast! Also, some of us larger dolls can be afraid of patterns and colors but, with a proper fit and the right styling you to can look good in patterns and bold colors.




(Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans, Leggings: Beth Ditto for Evans, Jacket: Torrid [four years ago], Shoes: Payless, HeadBand: DIY American Apparel Sash)


Christina said...

this is so cute! love your diy AA sash headband!

Tiffany said...

Thanks! Spread the word please! The more traffic the merrier!

Lady Swim Suit said...

nice cloth.

juliette said...

Very very cute! Love the jacket too!

Anonymous said... look too cute in that last photo. That dress looks hot on you.

Danielle said...

Really cute on you. I looked at this dress a few times but was unsure. Now that I see it on you I wish I would have hopped on it.

Tiffany said...

Thank a thousand everyone!