eShakti Clothing Review!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

eShakti is a up and coming clothing company from India. The thing that makes eShakti worth mentioning is the endless options for customizing your clothing. You can chose from sizes 0 - 26W or you can customize any of the pieces to your exact measurements for a extra 15 dollars. Even if you do choose from a pre-cut size you can still customize your clothing by choosing the length of you sleeves and skirts. eShakti has a full array of clothing; there are pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, leggings, jewery, and accessories. While not all of the clothing is appropriate for a trendy 20 something, I think there is something for everybody. 

Although eShakti is in India ready made items are available to ship immediately and customized items are available in about 3 days. Shipping is fast to, taking only about 5 or 6 days.

Pricing is good to. Even with the extra 15 dollars for custom pieces I did not see anything over 100 dollars. This is a great alternative for places like Etsy that can charge quite a bit from custom pieces.  
Recently eShakti offered to send me a piece of clothing to try. I chose a brown, asymmetric jacket. This jacket is 100% wool on outside and the lining is a Nylon silk like fabric. Although when I ordered my jacket I ordered a standard 26W, eShakti still asked me for my bra size, and I opted to have the sleeves cut long because I find that when I buy jackets or coats they fit fine everywhere else but, the sleeves are too short.

I love this jacket. It fits me perfectly. I love the asymmetric look. There is full motorcycle jacket like detailing along the bottom of the jacket and the shoulders. The fabric is comfortable and the sleeves fit just right. This jacket can be worn with jeans and sneakers or you can dress it up. I’m wearing leggings and sneakers though. Hope you enjoy.

I would love to link you to the jacket but, I combed the site through and through and its not there. Sorry!

eShakti already has there spring clothing up so, check it out. Thanks again for the jacket! If you do decide to check it out enter code RBG5MAT for $20 off $30 . The code is not case sensitive and is valid through 01/31/2010.

Outfit Stats
Scarf - American Apparel circle scarf
Bow HeadBand - American Apparel DIY Headband
Shirt- Torrid
Leggings - Beth Ditto for Evans
Eshaki - Jacket
Necklace - Torrid
Sneakers - Nylon for Nike








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vc said...

Like the the jacket! I to got an email & was asked if I would like to review a product from eshakti, I just put in my order and I am excited to receive it. So do you think you would order from them again? I was torn between getting a dress or a jacket, finally decided on a jackt. If I like the quality and service I'll order some other items from them.

Tiffany said...

Yes! I think I would...I like the sizing and such!..Which jacket did you order?

Unknown said...

that jacket is so cute!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love it. That jacket is so cute. Everybody has been saying nice things about eshakti.

littleblood said...

I've always wanted to order from them but I keep hearing so much about wonky sizing that I'm not sure. I'm glad to see this review because seriously,they have so much cute Anthro-esque stuff.

Jen said...

LOVE that jacket! Going to take a look and Girl, you are ROCKING those little blue shoes! :)

Nishant said...

I like the sizing and such!

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Tiffany said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you all add shopaholic on facebook so that you can win a $20 eShakti gift card.

@littleblood the sizes was good for me! I thought it fit pretty true to size.

Anonymous said...

DAMN, girl, those shoes are fantastic on you! Love the colour. The jacket look like it has a really nice fit and looks quite warm too :D

the toybox killer said...

this jacket is fucking adorable...

i reeeeeally need to check out eshakti when i get areal job now.

omg. seriously.