Topic of Discussion: Can Blogs Get Redundant ?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some of the questions I ask some of the participants of The Blog spotlight pertain to the amount of plus size fashion blogs that are being created. Generally the questions ask things like “with so many fat fashion blogs popping up why do you think people continue to come to your blog?” or “with so many fat fashion blogs popping up do you think it’s possible for everyone to have a unique perspective?”  So far the answers to these questions have been pretty neutral. I also have asked, “Do you think that because we are all fat we are obligated to help each other?” Those questions aren’t limited to just fat fashion blogs. The same questions can be applied to straight size fashion blogs or even music blogs.

My thoughts on the subject are as follows. This blog is a fairly new blog and is in fact one of those new blogs that just popped up out of no where. This blog has not been up and running for a very long time. I try to keep this blog as fresh as possible by offering great weekly features like the Blog Spotlight, the item of the week, the topic of discussion, shopaholic trends and soon the 4 part designer interview series. I think that those things keep people coming back and make this blog unique.  I usual don’t post editorials and such because there are plenty of blogs that do that all ready. As far as other blogs are concerned I feel like there is bound to be some over lapping in stories so that certainly shouldn’t be an issue. A persons perspective on that story is what makes it unique.  So far I have come across mostly great blogs with very unique perspectives and women with great personal styles. There have been a few that are not my taste but, everything isn’t for everybody.

In addition I don’t feel obligated to help anyone for any specific reason and try not to make people feel like they should help me for any bias reason. I think anything of good quality with good content deserves shine. Over all though I am happy that there arw great fat fashion blogs helping and inspiring women like me everyday

So now I’m leaving it to you. Bloggers, what do you do to set your blog apart and keep and it fresh and relevant? Readers do you feel that fat fashion blogs are becoming redundant?  Do you have a response to any of the questions in the first paragraph? You can even comment on this blog. Do you like it? Why or why not?

Edited to say: I just wanted to say that I hope that everyone understands that this post is to promote discussion and not to offend anyone. I hope in this post it is clear that I love the fat fashion community and love to help and to be helped.

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Jen said...

Good morning! I do see a lot of new blogs popping up but really enjoy reading through the different takes on style, different photography, different writing and especially the difference in personalities that I see on each of the blogs that I read. I also like it when there are overlapping blogs because they can be about the same thing but with totally different views which makes me look at things in different perspectives too. I'm very new to blogging but just try to be myself and post about things that I like and throw a bit of myself into it. It's like you said, there are lots of blogs and not all of them are for everyone but I do like that we now have the variety out there to pick and choose what we do like. Have a great day :) Jen

Unknown said...

I am most definitely new to fashion blogging! Soooo HELLO :) I'm Nikki! Before, I blogged on health and exercise, but thats when I had plenty of input from working out on a regular basis. I myself, have yet to do any real writing for my blog. I'm interested in not only beauty and fashion, but body image as well and I'm working on a few things that will hopefully set me apart. Originally, I kinda wanted my blog to also include things about my life as an unemployed L7 who just so happens to model, but I wasn't sure how interesting that would be to everyone else. Once my modeling gigs heat up again (think very near future), you'll see those postings on my blog as well.

I know there are tons of bloggers out there and we do overlap, but like Jen says, I'm ok with that as well. I like to get a different perspective and a look into the lives of others. I'm inspired by so many people and some of them don't even realize it. I too, hope that I can inspire someone one day...even if it's through fashion and beauty.

the toybox killer said...

i get the impression that there are a huge quantity of fat fashion blogs, but like the ladies before me said, fashion and aesthetics are so subjective, i don't really see how they can all be redundant. each blog will appeal to a different demographic, and granted, some of those demographics are bigger than others, but still. even a plus-size ultra-modern mixed with steampunk fashion blog would have its own small following.

since plus size fashion isn't really something that applies to me i don't know that much about the plus-size fashion blog world, but i do know that there are hundreds upon hundreds of celebrity and straight-size fashion blogs and the popular ones don't seem to get redundant. i would imagine that plus-size fashion blogs will fare similarly. the interesting ones that people like will rise to the top of the heap. i'm rooting for tiffany though, because she's my friend.