Blog Spotlight - Cid of Chunky Curlz

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello luvs. It's time for the 5th installment of Blog Spotlight. For the new readers to this blog I started the blog spotlight because being a full time English student, managing this blog, and writing for a online magazine(not yet but soon) I can not give you all the “skinny” on fat fashion. There are many, many blogs out there. Many of which that I read that cover a lot of things that I do not. As oppose to just featuring bloggers on my blog roll I thought it would be a good thing to not only link you to the blog but give you a glimpse into the person behind the blog.

So, meet Cid the 34 year old blogger behind the plus size fashion blog Chunky Curlz. Go to Cid's blog to check it out and give her advice about the possible name change!

Click read more to see Cid's interview 

Tiffany - Hello, Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. How are you doing today?
Cid - I'm doing great, thanks for including me in your spotlight!
Tiffany - What was the “light bulb” that went off or the situation that made you start you blog, Chunky Curlz?
Cid - Well the light bulb/reason I started blogging was actually my boyfriend.  He has a blog he started over a year ago, I would hear him talk about it and sometimes gives ideas or tips about it. One day he said why don't you start a blog, so I did.  I got the idea of making my blog a "plus size fashion" blog after reading a few blogs and thinking, Hey I can do that! I love fashion and thought I have a voice that needs to be heard.
Tiffany - So, why the name Chunky Curlz? 
Cid - Well the name came about from just joking around, I had seem too many blogs using the word curves. curvy or big girl, other derivatives of those words. So I wanted to find a cute and more whimsical name. So I came up with Chunky Curlz, cause I am chunky and have curls...its sounds a little silly now, but when I first came up with the name I was not taking the whole blogging thing seriously. I now want to change it but not sure if that will be good idea or what the "blogging" rules are about changing your blog name.
Tiffany - Because this blog is called fatshopaholic I have to ask you this: Does having a fashion blog where you post outfits of the day(ootd) make you shop more? How often do you shop? Do you identify with being a shopaholic?

Cid - Well I have always been a shopper, but I do feel that blogging makes me want to shop more and have more things that I can blog about. I would say I shop monthly, buying some sort of clothing, shoes or accessories. I need at least one new thing a month. Well I never really thought I was a shopaholic, but my friends would say I am, because I often post updates on facebook about shopping. I want to add a disclaimer, although I shop often, I am bargain shopper and hardly ever pay full price. So I often don't spend too much money when I shop.
Tiffany - Speaking of OOTD’s, I have not seen a abundance of those from you. Why is that?
Cid - When I got more into blogging, I didn't want my blog to be a hey look at me blog. I mainly wanted to blog about plus size fashion, shopping and other issues. After noticing the popularity of OOTD's on other blogs, I decided I would do OOTD's once in awhile, but that is not the main focus of my blog. 
I have done more OOTD's on the Fatshionista Live Journal Community, and have gotten a good response so I may do more on my blog. Although when I did post my first OOTD on my blog I didn't get a response so it has made hesitant to post more.
Tiffany - As a blogger have you received negative comments or emails regarding your blog in general?
Cid - I have not yet received any negative comments, feed back or emails.  I am expecting to get them in the future, its inevitable because there is always haters out there!  
Tiffany - Over all what would you say is your favorite aspect of blogging?
Cid - So far my favorite aspect is learning about new things in the plus size fashion world. I have learned about many designers, retailers and other people I did not know about. Also connecting with other blogger all over the world has been fun. I enjoy seeing other points of view and how other plus size bloggers are interpreting fashion. 
Tiffany - There has been a surge in the amount of plus size fashion blogs it seems. What do you think makes people keep coming back to your blog?

Cid - Well I'm not sure what people like about my blog. I try to post things that I find interesting and would like to read about. I also think being older than a lot of other bloggers I have seen, I have difference point of view. I try really hard find things that are interesting and fun for everyone to enjoy. I want my followers to be interactive with me so I can give them more of what they want to read. 
Tiffany - How does blogging effect or interfere with your personal life if at all?
Cid - Blogging has not yet had a effect or interfered with my personal life. If anything I think it has helped my personal life. I feel that blogging has made me more confident about being a "big girl" who loves fashion. 

Tiffany - How do you come up with content for your blog? Do you think it’s harder finding interesting content because your blog caters to plus size or fat women?
Cid - I browse the internet on a daily basis to find new and interesting things to post. Sometimes I post personal things, my bargain finds from shopping or maybe a new designer or store I find. I also like to do reviews occasionally about products or stores that can help other women. I do sometimes get stuck on what to post, I get an idea then I see the same thing on other blogs so it can be frustrating. I try to mix in things that appeal to all women regardless of their size.

Tiffany - What are your long term goals for your blog Chunky Curlz?
Cid - It is almost a year since I started blogging, initially it was just for fun/hobby. Now I want to expand my blog into possibly a website dedicated to fashion for plus size women. I also want to one day have an online store and offer other services. So I hope that having a blog will be the door to my future in the fashion industry and owning my own business.


Jen said...

She is adorable! I follow her too. Thank you for doing this, I feel like I know the girl behind the blog a bit better now :)

vc said...

AH thanks Jen, Tiffany did a great job. I was happy she asked me cause I'm the oldie blogger, the bloggers I follow and read are young and so fashionable. It was fun, great blog!

Unknown said...

I heart Veronica! When she let me add her on FB, I knew she was reaching out to me! :D I can't wait til I visit Cali and eventually move there, I'll already know someone uber cool who shares the same interests as me! *nudges Jen too* Great interview!

&& hey, I'm not as young as most of the bloggers out there either now lol ;o)