Topic of Discussion: The Oversized Trend?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

(Example of a oversized look. It can be purchased here.)

Oversized clothes can sometimes be impossible to style on fat women. They hang off your body, are often long and are baggy which some people (namely professional stylist) think that the look makes fat women look bigger. I love the oversized look; done right and it can be comfortable and stylish. By right I mean keep the proportion right; everything can’t be baggy. Usually with a baggy shirt or sweater I go for leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom. A good pair of heels can punch up the oversized look as well. Those big waist belts can also come in handy here as well.
My example is here: 

Similarly how do you feel about oversized, all over patterns? I love them if you couldn’t tell. They are truly one of my favorite things in the world. But, again professional stylist advise against it; they say we look larger. If I have a dress with all over bright pattern I mute it a little bit by making everything else in my outfit dark.
My example is here:

If the patterned piece is a separate I try to go for solids everywhere else. I also will mix same color textures like lace and ruffles or lace and mesh.
Here are some plus size fashion rules that relate to this topic from
Avoid Shapeless Plus Size Clothing Styles.
Don't settle for shapeless oversize clothes every again. Shapeless clothing hides all of your body good and bad. Choose clothing styles that accentuate your favorite fuller figure features and hide the ones you don't like. Clothes without the proper tailoring are almost always going to make your body appear larger than it really is.
Plus Size Petites Should Avoid Tops,
Jackets and Sweaters that Go Below the Hip.

A shorter body frame can look even short with overly long plus size tops, jackets and sweaters. Tops that go below the hip level on a petite figure will start to shorten the look of your legs even more. A top or jacket that shops just at the hip bone will elongate your shorter legs to their longest potential. Sorry ladies, but the long sweaters and jackets really only flatter a taller plus size frame. Stores that carry tall and petite plus sizes are
Lane Bryant, Chadwicks of Boston, and Newport News.
Avoid All Over, Oversized Patterns
in Your Clothing Fabric.

I have noticed a scary trend in some department store plus size apparel sections - dresses and other outfits with HUGE all over patterns and designs. First of all, I wouldn't recommend an entire outfit of all one pattern with no solid color to break it up (unless it is a dress of course). Secondly, make sure the pattern you do choose to incorporate in your wardrobe, doesn't overwhelm your height. The size of the print should match the size of the gal. If you are tall, you call pull off a larger print. If you are petite, stick to smaller prints to avoid overwhelming your outfit with pattern. If you want to include patterned fabrics into your wardrobe, my best advice would be to pick ONE clothing item per outfit to have a pattern (for example, a skirt, top or jacket not all three). For elegantly patterned plus size outfits my favorite plus size store is
Coldwater Creek.
How do I feel about these rules? I am 5’9 so, I’m pretty tall which means I do where longer sweaters and such but, I don’t feel that they should be limited to a certain height. I think that fashion is sometimes on a case by case basis meaning that you just have to wear what works and looks good on you. So, any fashion trend is case by case. I just don’t feel that anyone should be given a big fat NO before even getting to try it.
So how do you ladies feel? Do rock the oversized trend wether it be oversized clothing or oversized prints and patterns?  Do like it or dislike it? How do u make it work for you? How do you feel about the 3 fashion rules?


Unknown said...

I personally, do not rock the oversized look. It doesn't work for me. I prefer my clothing to be well fitted and tailored to show off curves. I even hate to see a petite size 2 or 4 drowning in clothing. Some people can pull it off depending on how it is styled.

As far as patterns go, I avoid patterned pants...and actually I have avoided patterned tops for a while. But after seeing so many bloggers embrace the styles, I'm willing to try one out for myself. Maybe patterns aren't that bad. It never had anything to do with what a stylist told me I should wear, it was more so finding the right pattern for me. I tend to gravitate towards less busy patterns, but I've yet to buy a piece yet. I like the way that you tone your patterned dress down by adding black tights and a black cardigan. That is something I could live with.

Anonymous said...

I have been considering getting that oversized curve top you linked first, but I really don't think I can rock that style. Some can, some can't.
F*** the rules. If I like something I will damn well buy it or try it on at least. Patterns <3 Colours <3 Length <3 (I'm only 5'5" so near petite I guess.) It's similar to "OMG NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES" imo.
I like horizontal stripes. Therefore, I shall were them.

Sassy Sarah said...

I guess it's a question of trying out the style and seeing how it works for you. I'm ok with the oversized trend, but as you said if done right. As for patterns, I love them and wear them all the time! I love how that patterned dress looks on you!

vc said...

For me it depends on the actual garment, I like the Asos Curve Top. Its baggy & loose but still looks nice and not sloppy or messy. I think as long as you don't wear baggy, loose clothing from head to toe its ok. Also as long as you don't wear it too baggy like 3-4 sizes too big. All in moderations I think. I know for myself I would wear it some things a bit loose because I felt self conscious of my body, thinking it would die my fat.....LOL AS I gotten older, i have learned it about feeling comfortable with your self and body, wear what you like, if you feel confident then you will look good.

the toybox killer said...

i agree that the oversize trend is not really plus-size friendly it's like tiny-skeleton-that-makes-ME-look-fat friendly. i mean, even the model looks kind of fat in the top picture, and as we know, as a plus size model she is probably only a size six or eight. the top you are wearing is really nice, but it's hardly oversize, i would just call it loose.

Tiffany said...

@the toybox killer the loose portion of the look is the closed wind cardigan not the shirt...

Anonymous said...

I think The Rules are useful when you're not quite sure how to cope with fashion. When so many plus size clothes are so sexless and so shapeless, it can be a relief to hear that yes, fat women can wear form-fitting garments. So The Rules do have a purpose.

However, once you're a bit more confident with personal style, the rules can go get stuffed. To paraphrase the Patron Saint of Fat, Ms Beth Ditto: Just because something makes you look thinner, doesn't mean it's a better outfit.

My favourite outfit at the moment is an oversized tshirt dress that has a huge futuristic print on the front. I love it and I've been wearing the hell out of it this summer. I wear it with my bright blue gladiator sandals, but I also wear it with my high top Nike Dunks (these bad boys: Some people may sneer at a fat girl in a huge tshirt and high tops, but it's so me. (Not to mention it is damn comfortable.)

x Frances

Jen said...

If you can pull it off, (and you can), definitely do it! But as for me, the oversized look just doesn't look good one me :(