Fat Shopaholic in the Press!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Hello, everyone. I am pleased to announce that Fat Shopaholic has gotten it's first ever feature in the press! I have known about this for a while but, I wanted to wait until the issue came out first before I mentioned it. I am featured along with Frocks and Frou Frou, Foray's in Fatshion, Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too and Saks in the City in the March Issue of Grazia India. You guys this serves as a great confidence boost. I was getting a little down about some of the negative formspring comments and some other blog related things but, the fact that someone wanted to feature me makes me feel like I am doing something right.

My quote in the article is:

“Having the blog has given me confidence to wear what I want,” says 19-year-old blogger Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic. “Recently, I wore leggings with bows all over them. While I got some laughs, I didn’t care because I loved them and knew that others in the fat fashion community would, too. Maybe, one day, fat will be only what it is: a fact and not an insult"

Also, I have some great things coming up soon; I have been working very hard. Be on the look out for some great blog spotlights, designer interviews, more articles from me in Manik Magazine and some guest post from me on other blogs! I even have a new blog banner and a second side bar coming soon. So, thank you guys for reading,commenting, following and continuing to support Fat shopaholic. I love you guys.


Nefertiti said...

pour une fois qu on parle de femmes qui ont de vraies formes ;O)

L said...

Congrats Tiffany!! I'm glad that you're getting the recognition you deserve girlie!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! x

Jen said...

Congrats Tiff!!! You deserve it and are doing a wonderful job! :)

Sarah said...

This is so so great! Congrats... So must be uber excited about it. I surely would be!