Re/Dress NYC

Monday, April 19, 2010

On my first day in NYC I didn't really do a lot. I did however go to Re/dress NYC. I was very excited to go there. Every time I see their tweets of new items I wish I could just hop on the train and go see the clothes myself. I spent a good while in the store trying things on. The store is a nice size with rack upon rack of great used and vintage clothing for plus sizes. You still have to search through things but because they cater to plus sizes and have buyers some of the guess work is done for you. I ended up buying two button down shirts; one of which you will get to see me in in the coming days. While I was there I got to meet the owner, Deb. She was really sweet and even gave me a industry discount on my purchases. Here are pictures of me, Deb, and Selina, the editor of Manik Magazine.

The outfit in the picture is what I wore on the plane to to NYC as well so, it's not spectacular. It's Just something comfy and cute. In case you care I put the outfit stats at the bottom. 

T-Shirt, Jacket: Torrid
Jeggings: H&M (size large)
Scarf: American Apparel 
Shoes: Converse via The Alley (a chicago store) 


L said...

I love the outfit you wore on the video too lol :D x

Jill Hives said...

Cute Converse! When I was in high school and college, I spent most of my money amassing a collection of Chucks and Docs at The Alley (and spent most of my free time hanging out at the Punkin' Donuts on the corner). I still find it hard to walk out of that store without grabbing at least one pair of shoes.

I haven't been to Re/Dress yet, but I'm hoping to check it out the next time I'm in New York. Looks like you had a good time there!

vc said...

COOL, I hope to one day to also visit Re/Dress too bad we don't have a west coast version. Hmm that's a thought! lol