Saturday, April 17, 2010

This week my secret goal was to take a outfit picture everyday this week (Monday-Friday). I just wanted to give you guys a idea of what I really wear when I'm out and about. I know that a lot of my photos aren't outdoors so, with this weeks photos I was sure to post photos of me outside. I'm very glad that I got to post Tuesday - Thursday's outfits. Today I'm going to post Fridays. After this I'm going to finish my post from New York City.

For anyone wondering, thats why the weekly features have been absent. I didn't want to over whelm anyone with like 6 post in a day. With all of blogs we all read I didn't want give too much at once. So, when the New York post are done I will get back to a regular blogging schedule that includes blog spotlight, item of the week, designer interviews, topic of discussion, and Tiff and the city. My goal is make the post run every two weeks. Which means there will be 2 or 3 weekly features one week and then the other 2 the next week and then they will alternate in that way. I'm doing it that way so that I have time to give each post the time it needs, you wonderful readers aren't overwhelmed, and I don't lose my mind trying to do a post every single day.  But, now back to the outfit. 

Todays outfit is floral yet again. I love this skirt. It reminds me of a Urban Outfitters skirt but, it was only $9.99.  On fridays I have no class so, I just ran some errands. I actually went to the bank only to find out that it was no longer there. I was disappointed but, I will cash my Obama check soon enough. I plan to save some money to move and the rest will go to my shopping habit. I used to do a post called "Tales of a Shopaholic" where I showed what I bought each month and a few sentences on why for each item. do you guys think I should start that again? Theres an Example of the post here.

My mom took these pictures of me in her room I would have preferred they were outside but, I was on the go a lot and never found the free time when I was outside.

Here are some details.


Hair Bow, Necklace - Forever21
T-Shirt - Asos
Blazer - Salvation Army
Shirt - Strawberry 
Leggings - Lane Bryant 
Shoes - Payless 
Bag - Jimmy Choo for H&M 


Gaƫlle PRUDENCIO said...

Do you know you are the one who makes me feel like wearing florals?? You are a gorgrous woman!

CurvyGirlChic said...

I loved seeing all the outfits this week! :D It's nice to get an idea of what your personal style is--I love it! :)

StephanieDJL said...

Love this outfit, the skirt is too cute and of course, bows! I want.

Kristel Knows said...

Oh you have a jimmy choo bag, so pretty! and that outfit looks so nice on you, the flowery skirt is real pretty! :D

Nikki B said...

Love the blazer! The rose skirt is adorable as is the necklace and bow. Great look :)

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

I love the roses! What a steal @ $9.99! I love getting my outfits cheap- got a really badass dress AND faux snakeskin lavender peep toe slingback heels for 3 bucks at a half-off sale at goodwill! what what!

DrDavon said...

so cute!

Bethamint said...

I love that skirt so much!
I find it really hard to make rose-prints work, I think because my grandma is into them a lot and I kinda think of them as an "old lady" pattern. But there's nothing old lady about that outfit, it's fresh and fabulous and you look awesome!

vc said...

Cuteness! Love the skirt and blazer combo, it oh so gossip girlish! LOL

Jill Hives said...

Love your cute skirt with that total thrift score of a blazer! I've really enjoyed all your outfit posts this week. And, yes, please bring back "Tales of a Shopaholic" -- I always like checking out your finds and reading the explanations for why you chose them.