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Sunday, May 2, 2010

On April 29th I took more hits then Muhammad Ali when he fought George Forman. I didn’t succumb to defeat though. No, I didn’t become heavy weight campion of the world but, I made it through the day. I didn’t cry and I didn’t weep. I didn’t stop in my tracks, blow up balloons, and hang streamers for a pity party for one. 
The days shenanigans started at college. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a couple  that is enrolled in both my humanities and Biology classes. Every single time I walk into my first class (Humanities) they start laughing and looking in my direction. Usually I don’t pay it any attention; I just go on about doing the homework thats due or going to sleep (that class is boring and I can’t sleep at night). On April 29th I didn’t got to Humanities so, they didn’t get the chance to see me until I showed up late to biology. When I entered the class everyone was silently staring at there test and twiddling there pencils like just looking alone would inspire the answers to jump into there head. Even with the silence filling the room the couple couldn't making me their private spectacle. They laughed but, I didn’t bother confronting them; I set down and took my test.
I didn’t torture myself. I answered the questions I knew and guessed on ones I didn't. I turned in my test and left to go on break. The couple must have done the same because they left before I did. I stood outside the door waiting on my friends. While waiting I heard the voices of the couple. “Every time I see her I can’t help but laugh”, I heard the guy say. Then his girlfriend chimed in, “Yea, did u see her daisy dukes. Oh my God”. They were both laughing the whole time. Again I didn’t let it get to me. It was hard. I could have walked over there and asked them what their problem was but I didn’t.
When my friends came out of the classroom I told them about the incident and they immediately said things like, “Fuck em”, and “that bitch be bright red every day. she can’t tan”. I appreciated that they were willing to defend me but, I couldn’t bring myself to join in. This was college right? Even in high school I was not the type of person to respond to that kind of negativity. Ignorance is deeply rooted; nothing I could say in a short amount of time could reverse or erase that. 
After break I walked back in the class room. The teacher was holding a discussion on immune systems and mentioned the medication that was aiding Magic Johnson in not contracting the AIDS disease. After the teacher made his comment one member the couple said, “He got AIDS cause he gay”. That moment reaffirmed for me that it’s not just me. I’m fat but, I’m not ugly; I’m beautiful. It just so happens that I encountered ignorance and that I can continue with my life contently. 
What outfit caused all these problems? Well here it is in all it's plain, uneventful glory.

Hat - Urban Outfitters
Shirt - Asos
Black tank,shorts, brown cuff - Torrid
Earrings - naKiMuli
Leggings - Lane Bryant
Boots - Evans via Ebay
Bag - Urban Outfitters via The Ark Thrift Store
Watch, Bracelet, Bangles - All over the universe

After class I headed to the Ark Thrift Store for some much needed shopping therapy. The Ark received raved reviews from my best friend so, I decided to check it out. I hopped on the train and got off at the right stop. From there I used my iphone to lead down the right way on the six street intercetion. I navigate based on landmarks so, north, south, east, and west don’t mean anything to me. Which means I still went the wrong way. While walking down wrong street the high speed winds were blowing my hair all around my head and pushed my body forward. Then my foot hit a dislodged piece of sidewalk and that coupled with the wind sent me tumbling over.
Two women rushed out of a resturant to make sure I was ok while the homeless people on the corner laughed at me. One women said, “That wind ain’t no mutha fuckin joke” and a homeless man said, “Damn that wind knocked yo ass down”. Embrassment helped me make a quick recovery and despite my bleeding knee and finger I got up, walked pass the same people that watched me fall and continued hunting for the store. I found the store and while one thing bought didn’t fit when I got it home here are my finds.

Urban Outfitters! $8

Eddie Bauer $1.50

Oxfords! $8!

After the thrift store I walked back to the train and it was there I realized that I lost my Upass (Free transportation for college students). I looked for it  for 15 minutes before the train attendant just let me on for free. That was nice but I still needed to take one more train and a bus to get home. So, I had to get off the train, dip into my savings and get money for transportation. Also, my sister put regular batteries in my battery charger so they busted and ruined my charger which meant I had to buy another one of those to. I'm trying to move so, every small unaccounted for purchase is a huge blow to my savings.
I did it. I dealt with everything that came my way, ignorance, falling on my face, and a unexpected financial situation. When things come your way how do deal with it? Do you shut down, cry and feel sorry for yourself or do pick yourself up and keep going?

While you ponder those question heres a playlist about combating with the haters.

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Anonymous said...

Im not gunna lie and i know you dont want the symapthy but that post just made me sad . why do bullies get away with it its just not right .Bulling is a all time low x.. tiff if i was there id boosh themm up for you . I thought the outfit was really great, i tend to agree with your friends fuck em .. I admire your strength/courage that got you through the day xx

L said...

I'm sorry that you have to put up with those ignorant and insensitive people. When I have one of those days, I try and do things to make myself feel good again. When I was younger like 12 to 17 I would hold pity parties, and cry to get it out of my system, and then I realised crying and feeling sorry for myself was not helping, it made me feel worse and giving those insensitive individuals power over me. I now realise, its how I feel about myself that is most important. I accept myself completely now, and if one person says I'm fat or makes fun of me, its not the end of the world, their opinion doesn't bother me anymore. So I'm glad to hear you didn't give them the satisfaction, and that you got through it. You are beautiful so let it roll of ya back my love. x

Anonymous said...

Girl, you're tough! And I'm with your friends who said, "fuck em'!" Really, you're gorgeous and you have balls.

Other than that, I can say that I dealt with a pretty pathetic situation a while back. I attempted suicide in May of 09' and when I returned to school there were a lot of people who talked shit about me. Let's just say they were pretty "fresh." I dealt with things like, "you fat and ugly, too bad you failed at suicide too." Anyways, I just had to brush it off and live with it. I wasn't going to let the comments get to me, so I learned to put the confidence in myself.

Bunni said...

What a horrible day! I'm so sorry. That couple sounds like the worst. Like omg, how old are they?

I think you looked cute. I love florals.

When I have days like that I try to find some humor in it or think about how much worse it could have been. Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying

BTW: I had to LOL @ the wind comments

Literal Gemini said...

I am glad you didnt let any of that stuff bother you. Honestly, I don't know if I could have dealt with all that in one day, but clearly you must be stronger than I am. Congratulations on your haul and hoping your move does smoothly.

CurvyGirlChic said...

Ugh, ignorant people piss me off to no end! Especially ignorant people with no sense of style. You look rockin' in that outfit! The hat is so cute on you and I always love those boots.

Keep your head up, girl--you're always fab! :D

xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

xladx said...

I'm glad you didn't let the bullies upset you. I know how you feel but in all honestly I sometimes think its jealousy. I mean we can dress this amazing when we are fat - I doubt they could imagine where to shop if they were our size. Your outfit is amazing.

:) xxxxxxxxx

You are amazing!

Elyn said...

I know it might not seem like something you would do as an adult, but consider talking to the professor about this. It is harassment and unprofessional behavior. The comment about Magic Johnson (since it was made as a disruption to class) might be especially relevant. I'm a college instructor and I very much would want to know if my students were having their learning disrupted by others in the class.

trixie said...

you go girl! that hate is all on them, they obviously can't handle that you are having so much more fun not hating yourself as much as they are hating themselves. love this entry! and your outfit is cute!