And the Tap Short Saga Continues!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yesterday before Christina (Musings of a Fatshionista) left I asked her to show me how to start shredding a purple t-shirt dress sent by Simply Be. After I got the hang of it the shredding moved faster. I carried the dress with me all day to shred on the train because no matter how fast it goes it is a long process. Here is a video to show you how to do it if you want to give it a try.

I'm no expert but here are some random things I thought might be helpful 

1.) You can wash the shirt like you would any other shirt. I have tugged on the parts I shredded and it's pretty durable. To be on the safe side I would hang it to dry.
2.) As you shred the fabric will expand, so keep that in mind when you choose the length of your shirt.

Oh and here is my progress so far. This is just one of the sleeves. I'm not sure if I will do both sleeves or how much of the body I will shred. Decisions Decisions. 

After learning how to shred I went to manhattan to drop Christina off at her bus on 34th street. I hate going to 34th street with an extreme passion ; there are way too many people. Since we got there early I asked Christina to take pictures of my outfit in the plaza in front of Borders.

The blazer is one you have seen on other bloggers before from Simply Be. I love the quality but as far as fit I will tell you I ordered my usual jacket size of 26 and it was a bit snug, so I would definitely size up. Also, if you couldn't tell I love tap shorts! I have 5 pair; they are so comfy. If you were hesitant before Torrid has some on sell now here. 

After I left Christina I had chinese food and fed my Pink Berry Addiction. 

Lastly I headed to Re/dress to visit some of the shop girls.

I hadn't planed on buying anything, but after I tried this on it had to come home. 

I am so loving oversized button down shirts worn as jackets.

I tried these on to, but nothing else worked. 

Sun glasses - Bleu Dame 
Necklace, ring, and shorts - Torrid 
Blazer - Sent by Simply Be 
T-Shirt - Asos 
Boots - I mean do I really have to tell you?..LOL 

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