Fun Times at Coney Island!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On Tuesday Britney and I went to Coney Island. We didn't ride many rides because they were to expensive (like $6 each) , but we still managed to have fun.

What's popping twitter?

Buying my bumper car ticket

The top here is an Asos dress I tied to make a top and I wore the we love color tights to review for Manik Magazine. 

Work, Work, Work Work it for the kids 

We played water guns twice! The attendant started singing Memories my Barbara and you know had to join in!

Brit Brit won me a care bear! 

Don't come for us! We get vicious when it goes down!

Serving sexy on the way home.


Top - Asos Curve
Shorts - Torrid
Tights - Sent by We Love Colors
Head band - F21
Brooch - Vinage via the stand on 81st and 3rd in New York 
Boots- Urban Outfitters 

Top and jacket - F21
Tights - Gifted from me courtesy of Just my size 
Skirt and shoes - Urban Outfitters 
Bag - Borrowed from me by Two String Jane

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