Happy Birthday Mommy Mae!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is my grandmother's Birthday! She is 82 years young today! I love her so much! This post may seem unrelated to this blog, but with out her this blog would not exist!  My Grandmother, Mommy Mae, has been supporting in every endeavor since I hit the Earth 20 years ago. I am and always have been a heavy reader. I remember my dad took my sister and I to Toy's R Us when I was a kid and after looking around my sister came back with a baby doll and I can back with Where the Side Walk Ends. As got older when ever I would as for a book and my grandmother could afford it she would get it for me. We all know that great writers read great books, so I am for ever grateful that through my grandmother I had access to great literature.

When I was 16 after having multiple issues with my mother, despite the objections of many family members, my grandmother allowed me to live with her. My mother was a single parent and for a long time she couldn't afford to buy my siblings and I lots of clothes and even when she had more money she said that I would just gain weight and grow out of my clothes, so she wouldn't buy them (My mother has since then become much more supportive of me and my size). When I moved in with my grandmother she bought me lots of clothes which allowed me to experiment with my style.  Most of my clothing posted  on this blog was purchased by my mother and grandmother as well!

My grandmother also has made investments in me and my future by supporting me while I went to college in Chicago and now supporting me along with my mother and step father here in New York. I am applying to Universities right, so I can graduate and make her proud by handing her my college degree. She has my high school diploma; I couldn't have done that without her either. I am serious guys...everyone said I wouldn't finish high school and I mean everyone, but my grandmother believed in me and got me through it. She has invested in this blog by purchasing me the camera I used to take pictures. She believes in me and this project and for that I am grateful.

My grandmother has done a lot for me materially, but most of all I appreciate her undying support. I can call her any time day or night and she is there to support me and help me get through what ever I'm going through. That is something I can honestly say I do not get from any one else. As a kid I always kind of felt like my mother supported my sister more because she played instruments and drew and I wrote, but my grandmother would tell everyone I was a wonderful writer and would allow me to read my stories to her even as I stuttered over every other word. I can call my grandmother and talk to her for hours. I love that! Sometimes my aunt shows her my post here and it makes me so happy! :-)

So, to the woman that has loved me and supported me my whole life, I love you and Happy Birthday!

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