Tiffany and the City: Adventures of a Fat Shopaholic. Meeting Up With the Assumption None of You Want to Kill Me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I know that the last few Tiff and the City post have been a little short in terms of text and that is because I have had a lot going on. The Tiff and the City post will be back it's normal story like greatness soon. Speaking of coming back..Blog Spotlight will be back every Sunday starting this Sunday the 25th with Franceta Johnson of Frantic Dreams.  Anyway, back to the issue at hand. 

Sometimes when fellow bloggers or readers visit New York they ask if we can meet up and with the assumption that none of you want to kill me if I am free I do my best to make it. Courtney of who was also the runner up in the Re/Dress NYC modeling competition contacted me about coming to her Meet up/Tweet up at Re/dress. After various mini dramas I made it to the event last Saturday and met Courtney as well as her friend Deon. Courtney tried on clothes, we talked, and ate prochuttio, cheese, and crackers.  

This is the nook we sat and ate in. 

The ceiling! Cool right!?!

 Erin, Shop girl at Re/Dress. I think they were tired of seeing me. I visited them Monday to take Britney, then again Thursday to sell some clothes from home ($177 in store credit go me!), and Saturday for the tweet up! 

After Re/Dress we went to a all natural restaurant called Nature's Grill and had a great time. 

Can you see the robots on my head band?

I finally got my glasses. They are from I purchased two pair for $55 with shipping. I had polycarbonate lenses and anti glare coating added without it the price would have been about $25. The quality is great, try it out if you want cheap prescription glasses.

Then we went outside to take outfit photos. 

Girl what?

My beat up oxfords from the thrift. They look at pickle, but I love them!

 Details on the Jacket.

Details of the Jewelry.

Here is a video of us Deon took on his iPhone4. People here always say I have a Southern accent, but I never believed them until I saw this video! Holy Oprah!

Tiffany and Courtney After Dinner from Tiffany Tucker on Vimeo.

Jacket and Bracelet - Vintage via Re/Dress NYC
Shorts - Torrid
Shirt- Asos Curve
Head scarf - Alice Takes a Trip
Ring - Re/Dress
Shoes - Thrifted 

Finally I would like to say the Jibri  giveaway will be posted when Fat Shopaholic has 500 twitter followers, so follow me here today.  Also if you are in NYC  for Fashion Night Out stop by the party at Re/Dress in conjunction with Manik Magazine September 10, 2010 at 6 p.m! RSVP here! See you there! Thanks to Courtney and Deon for shooting these pictures and taking video!

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