A Trip to the Dressing Room!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today I turned in my Pink Berry Application (Cross your fingers for me please), went to Re/Dress to sell a few pieces (Some Fashion for Aids via H&M harem pants, an Asos Crochet back top, and two pair of Torrid cowboy boots), and ate at Nature's Grill.

 Here is what I wore out today.

Click read more to see more outfit details and what I tried on in the dress room!

I was dancing! Get it Girl!

Outfit Details: 
Glasses - A new pair of prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. When I get my last pair I am doing a full video review.
Earrings - H&M
Necklace - Forever21 
Rings - Torrid
Bracelets - naKiMuli 
Bag - Two String Jane hand studded duffle bag reminiscent of the Alexander Wang Coco Mini Studded Duffel Bag.
Blazer - Thrifted at the Salvation Army
T - Shirt - Victoria Secret via Re/Dress
Harem Pants - Re/Dress
Shoes - Converse via Belmont Army in Chicago 

After I sold my things I decided to try some things on because I had $166 in store credit. 

This is a vintage dress. I love the fit and print of it! Usually it's hard for me to find vintage dresses in my size because as the sizes get higher there is a little less to choose from. I don't know if all the plus size ladies burned their clothes as apposed to keeping them to one day sell or what. Also vintage clothing is cut different and the sizes run smaller, so even if something is marked my size it doesn't always fit. I brought this home though. I may open up the neck; what do you think?

When I picked this top up I noticed it was a 5X and I thought it might hang off the shoulder, but no dice! It ended up looking like one of those printed nurses tops. On the bright side I realized my rose print dress might work with a shirt over it.  This shirt stayed at the store. 

This is a Velvet tank dress. It was a size 18, but it fit me well. I wished it was a little longer, but over all I  liked it! I will probably rock it with boots and/or do my dress and plaid shirt combo.  I brought this home! 

I admit I have been against maxi skirts, but after seeing this Faith 21 Skirt as well as seeing Amelia and Christina rock maxi skirts I was inspired to give them another try. I am a loud dresser who likes all things bright and sparkly, so I fell in love with this skirt . The two Maxi items I have purchased so far (if you include the dress above) have both been black. I don't know why, but I have not found a colored or printed maxi skirt or dress I like. I took this home! 

Finally I purchased a black tank (seen one seen them all), but I don't seem to have it in my bag! Hoping I left it at the store!

Thanks to Taueret Re/dress shop girl and author of Afro Titty Owns Everything! for letting me talk her ear off and taking all of these fabulous photos! 

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