Topic of Discussion: How Do You Look Unique?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blogging is a great platform to allow people express themselves and inspire others, but things can seem a little crowded. There are only so many things, people, and clothing to discuss. As beautiful as everyone is sometimes it can be a little annoying to see other people wearing clothing that you own. Granted it's not nearly as bad as having it happen in public, but it's still a little off putting when you want to be unique. You can't really blame anyone in particular for this because while plus size options grow and expand everyday there are still fewer fashion forward plus size clothing options then there are straight size. If you talk in terms of main stream companies like Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Evans the numbers shrink, so that means a lot of the time we end up owning a lot of the same things.

I like looking unique and wearing clothing that I feel like really says me. Since I've started blogging the amount of shopping I do at main stream stores has decreased considerably. I have been doing more thrift store shopping now then ever before because not only is it a great way to find good clothes for cheap, but you likely won't see anyone else with them on. I also love shopping indie brands because this is a great way to support independent business and look unique. Trying things on at straight size stores and making them work can be a great way to find things you won't see a lot of plus size women wearing. I try not to buy the really popular items from main stream lines as well and when I do I try to style them in my own way thats not typical of how it would otherwise be wore.

So, what do you think? Do you care if someone wears the same thing as you? If you want to look unique how do you achieve that?

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