Style Spotlight: Chakayla

Monday, March 28, 2011


Chakayla's style is for the trendy budget fashionista in all of us. I love how she is able to put together great outfits using mostly thrift store pieces. Find out more of Chakayla below and be sure to check out her blog here.

How would you define your style? 
Eclectic vintage meets urban glam.
How did you become involved in fashion?
Fashion has always been an interest of mine, but when I entered college as a freshman I decided I wanted to fully immerse myself in the industry. From scouring ED2010 fashion internships daily and constantly emailing fashion closets in New York City, I somehow landed an internship with HtDogWtr (HotDog Water), a local urban fashion line in Charlotte. From then on many other awesome opportunities have come my way. I've recently walked in my first plus size fashion with Sadity Kitty, another local fashion line in Charlotte, NC, which was an amazing adrenalin rush! Fashion is something I've always loved, but I has to get over my shyness and WORK the camera and runway. 
Where are your favorite places to shop?
Almost everything in my closet is thrifted,whether thrifted from my older brothers or my other curvaceous friends. I love Goodwill, Megathrift, and the local clothing swaps that happens in a dope little coffee shop five minutes away from my school. I refuse to shop in the mall! But I make exceptions for H&M, Forever21, and Charlotte Russe.   
What's your favorite piece in your closet?
My thrifted coral blazer with amazing  gold buttons. My best find yet! 
What is your biggest obstacle fashion wise? 
Finding what fits my body!! Oh man this has taken sometime for me to figure out. Sometimes I have to caution myself: What looks good on one person, may not be for me! But now that I know proportions and how I like my silhouette to look, I've mastered not trying on clothes in the store (its so annoying). Loving my body and trusting instincts have helped me on this plus size fashion journey.    
What trends or items are you looking forward to in the coming season?
Well I'm currently addicted to pattered tights and distressed short shorts, but I'm not one to closely follow trends I just create new looks I would love to experiment with. Like for the summer I plan to wear oversized printed tanks with neon bandeaus underneath, sounds crazy but I will definitely be blogging what it looks like. Also tribal printed harem pants and cropped tops!!!  (lol)
Any advice for other fat girls?
Love who you are! Every curve, bump, stretch mark, and imperfection, love it!! I stick strong to what Marilyn Monroe said, "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." With that said, be who you are my curvaceous ladies!! Let em eat cake and dress fabulous! 

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