Tales of a Shopaholic

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This months Tales of a Shopaholic is fairly short because I feel like last month I purchased the foundations for my spring/summer wardrobe and this month I mostly purchased things I've been wanting for a while, but happen to catch on sale this month. I purchased the fishnet tights for $6 and the sequin clutch for $8 in the 40% off sale at Lane Bryant. I also caught all three of my Asos items on sale. I love the green clutch and yellow satchel for that extra pop of color. Also, I was very glad to finally find some great floral wedges in my size at Evans. The Simply Be overalls are serving up 90's and I can't wait to wear them. Finally the naKiMuli leggings weren't on sale, but I had to have them. What did you buy this month?

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