Layering for School

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jacket: Salvation Army/Hat: Beauty Supply/ Sweater: Salvation Army /Shoes: Vans via Urban Outfitters/Leggings: Forever 21/ Scraf: American Apparel/Brooches: Vintage, Ebay Gallery 37/ Backpack: Urban Outfitters 

I know I said my next outfit would include pictures, but I just shoot this outfit after a long day of class last week. I did a lot of laying here, because in Chicago we are having a lot of in between weather where it has been between 40 - 60 degrees. For school in the winter I tend to keep it super casual because it can be really cold.

I have 2 more outfits from my shoot with Josh to show you coming soon, then after that I will get back random outdoor pictures and stuff. Im looking forward to neons, but more that later.

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