What is Clown Fashion?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The internet can be a source of information that educates, provides opportunities, and changes the lives of many. But it can also be the source of ridicule; I have experienced that ridicule first hand. I have been told by many people, both online and in real life, that I need to go on "What Not to Wear" or that I look like a clown. It can be a struggle to be live as your authentic self when you are picked on by others, so rather then assimilate I choose to embrace looking like clown and wear whatever I like. 

I came up with the phrase clown fashion to describe my style and embrace looking unique, but I hope that clown fashion can encourage you to. Clown fashion is about embracing print, pattern, textures and color in anyway you see fit.  

Amanda Whitelaw of Hungry Designs was nice enough to create the image above of me( I know I'm not that small) dressed like a clown with the phrase, "Clown Fashion means being who you are no matter how crazy you look".  So you guys that have been asking know what I mean when I say clown fashion. Yay!  

I have set up a Spread Shirt store  here and you can buy clown fashion shirts in women's sizes small to 3x for now.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for supporting this blog! :-) 

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