What I've Been Wearing This Summer

Sunday, July 29, 2012

(Headband - DIY, Dress - Torrid/DIY, Bracelets - Ebay, Shoes - Two String Jane via Etsy, Earrimg - Asos)

I have been having the worst time ever trying to produce content for this blog. Everyone is either too busy or just can't be bothered with taking outfit photos and I refuse to lug around a dslr while I'm out having a good time. Also, I hate my hair and I haven't been making videos because I can never wake up early enough to catch the light. Oprah willing I'll have a new hair style next week and I have decided to suck it up use the tripod and remote for photos. But for now here are some camera phone shots of what I've been wearing lately. 

The outfit above is what I wore on the fourth of July to a bbq. I cut the plain black dress that goes underneath the lace maxi dress to show more skin and I love the result. I made the headband using all dollar store materials save the hot glue gun. I was going to record a video, but this is so simple. Start off with the headband of your choice or use hot glue to cover the headband in ribbon. I used black ribbon so it would blend in with my hair. Next I pulled the buds off of the flower steams and glued them on to the headband with hot glue. Simple right?

(Top - Courtesy of Simply Be, Shorts - Torrid, Bracelets, Earrings - Ebay, Headband - H&M)

I wore this outfit both on a hot summer day and to pitchfork music festival. I love the pastel green of the top with the peach roses in the headband. 

(Heandband - H&M, Bodysuit - Asos, Skirt - Ebay, Vest - Torrid, Shoes - Two String Jane via Etsy)

I wore this on a cooler day to the Santigold & Wale concert in June. I must have looked interesting because an event photographer asked for my photo. 

(Top - Torrid/DIY,. Boots - Doc Marten, Headband - Etsy, Bag - Zara, Earrings - Courtesy of Ready to Stare)


I wore this to run errands one day. This is vest I made a few weeks ago. My favorite part were the gold dinosaur earrings from Ready to stare

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