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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When Chicago weather stops being crazy and summer arrives with plans to stay for good I like to clean out my closet. I usually separate my winter clothes for storage and make a separate pile to donate to the church where my grandmother works. There are no resale shops in my area and setting up my own store to sell clothes is time consuming so donation is the best option. However, I was contacted recently about a Uk website called Music Magpie wear you can send in CD's, DVD's, Video Games, Electronics, and Clothes for cash. They make clothes recycling really easy and you get paid in the process. You type in the brand and garment then they give you a value. If the price is right you can drop your clothes off at one of their many UK locations for free. If you have over 25 items they will even send someone to pick them up for you. Have any of you UK ladies used this service? There US site doesn't support clothing options yet, but I'm hoping it will soon. I'd like to try it.

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