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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scarf, Oversized T-Shirt, Heart Necklace - Asos/Bullet Necklace - Ebay/Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans - Evans/ Coat - New Look Inspire/Shoes - Unif

So apparently grey is a trend. When I first heard about it I reacted much in the same way Miranda Priestly did about florals. But the good thing about this relatively goofy trend is it challenges your creativity. Wearing all one color reminds me of the girls from high school that would wear the same one or two colors with little to no tonal variation from head to toe. I don't have to tell you it looked a fool. Here I layered a few different tones of grey and added a grey and black patterned coat over it from New Look Inspire. I think it worked out pretty well. Someone on Tumblr said I looked like a fashionable cloud! Ha! I'll take it! 

Also, shout out to Teresa, Mele, Emma, and Rhi. I hopped a train from Brighton to London, where all four of the ladies are currently working as teachers, and we spent the day hanging out. First, we went to a bust of a thrift sale at East End thrift store. Most of the items were dirty, ripped rejects and it didn't seem like they'd done as much restocking as promised. I miss Chicago thrifting so much! Then we walked through Notting Hill market were we ate street food and I saw the book store from Notting Hill! There were so many people taking pictures in front of the door but you know the book nerd in me wanted to stop in because it looked so beautiful inside but by that time I was so tired. Next time! We ended the day at the 7 day adventist church the ladies belong to and then had Nando's! I'm not the biggest fan of Jesus or Church but it was a nice service and a nice throw back to my childhood because my Grandma is an Adventist so I grew up going. 

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