Fall Catalogue

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red Check Top-New Look/Fluffy Black Cardigan-New Look/Skinny Jeans-Evans/Shoes-UNIF/Necklace-H&M(recent)

First post from England! Today my new friend Rosie and I got together to shoot some outfit photos. Honestly, I'm a little out of practice, but I think the two I've posted here are pretty nice; they look like shots out of a fall clothing catalogue which for some reason immediately makes me think of the Brady Bunch celebrating by singing "Sunshine Day" in Sears. Don't Ask! Anyway! This outfit is certainly not the edgiest I've gotten, but it's what I wore to my seminar so it's pretty representative of a casual outfit for me. My shoes say "fucked forever" though. Does that make this outfit edgy?
Can we discuss these jeans though? If you've been following me on various places on the Internet over the years you know I almost never wear pants and when I do they are never jeans. However, these are the jeans I've looking for since I was sixteen. They are super stretchy and comfortable and are actually really skinny at the leg! Every other pair of skinny jeans I've worn fit properly everywhere else but fit more like straight leg pants at the bottom. I'm in love. 

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