Blog Spotlight: Allison of Curvy Girl Chic

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello luvs, can you believe it? It’s time for the 9th installment of the blog spotlight series. For the benefit of new readers to this blog new I will say I started the blog spotlight because being a full time English student, managing this blog, and writing for a online magazine I can not give you all the “skinny” on fat fashion. There are many, many blogs out there. Many of which that I read that cover a lot of things that I do not. As oppose to just featuring bloggers on my blog roll I thought it would be a good thing to not only link you to the blog but, give you a glimpse into the person behind the blog.

So allow me to introduce you to Allison, the 22 year old real-estate and hospitality specialist who also runs the blog Curvy Girl Chic. 

Allison is a california girl at heart but, is a recent graduate of Boston University.  She says " I spend tons of time outside at the beach, pool, in the sun, and of course, shopping I also love photography, cooking, and traveling." On her blog, Curvy Girl Chic, Allison post full body outfit photos nearly everyday to help inspire as with her laid back, casual style. My favorite quote from Allison was,  "I really wish plus size retailers would increase the speed of the “trickle down” effect. That is, the speed in which plus size retailers are able to design, produce, and bring to market on-trend plus size designs. I can’t believe how much searching has gone into finding the perfect black leather flared mini skirt". You'll have to click read more to see what else is in store.

Hello, how are you doing today?
Pretty good! Aside from the fact that it’s raining! Booo. Just spent the day in my teeny Boston apartment amusing myself with a value pack of canvases and paints from Walmart! Haha. If I decide my paintings don’t look like they belong in a kindergarten classroom I’ll post some photos later! 
Can you define your fashion and body evolution a little bit? For Example what styles did you experiment with before you settled on your current one and how did your weight/size affect that if at all?
I’ve always loved style and fashion, and I’ve always been overweight. I blame my dad and his amazing cooking skills…along with my love for good food, lol. Therefore, finding clothes that fit and look good has always been something of an issue for me. I used to get so down on myself when I’d go shopping with my ever-so-tiny sister and I’d try on a million cute pieces and walk away with nothing except the honor of helping her carry her multiple shopping bags (not her fault AT ALL, but it used to make me secretly hate her just a little bit). 
In terms of style evolution, I’ve tried so many different things—I remember once in the 7th grade I tried to go for the “thuggy” look (I shudder at the memories)—baggy jeans with those stupid boy belts that hang down to their knees and a huge screen-printed shirts. (my mother nearly had a fit when she saw me) Mostly I try to forget about the dumb trends I’ve tried. But isn’t that the case with most people?
Luckily, by junior year of high school I sort of settled into a style that suited me and I stuck with it, at least for a while—California girl with a mix of beachy and city influences. But this, of course is always evolving based on how I feel or where I am. 
I know personal style can be hard to define but, can you please try to define yours?
Like I said, up until college my style was always pretty “California Girl”—lots of jeans, flip flops, and summery dresses. I also love “American Classic” pieces—crisp white button downs, trench coats, jeans, and killer heels. Over college and the past few years I’ve added my own edgier twist. I love working covered studs, high quality leather and badass shoes into my wardrobe! I particularly like the juxtaposition of edgy pieces with super girly items, like pairing a hot motorcycle jacket with a frilly dress. 
With so many blogs attempting to stake a claim on the fatshionista blogging niche what do you think makes your blog unique?
I’m not really sure! I didn’t really think it out when I started my blog—I just wanted to share my ideas about style and fashion. I used to get so frustrated by the fact that some larger women would just sort of accept that some idiot retailer thought that the only appropriate thing for a 250 pound woman to wear is a hideously shapeless glorified potato sack. I just wanted to read about and contribute my ideas to those who felt the same way and retaliate by being unapologetically fabulous. The blog has since turned into something more of a personal style diary that I hope helps inspire women to experiment with different styles.

What is the overall direction of Curvy Girl Chic? What kind of blog do you want to be?
I guess I would have to say that the overall direction of the blog is just to help shed some light on an otherwise underserved community. I want Curvy Girl Chic to be an interesting collection of photos, inspiration, and amazing plus size finds while remaining fashion-forward and true to my personal style and beliefs.
You seem to have a love for high heeled shoes; what sparked that love?
I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve always loved heels! In the sixth grade I insisted on wearing my platforms to school every single day. Lol! Not sure my mom was too happy about that. Having unbelievably short legs for my 5’8” frame probably had something to do with this obsession as well! 
Other then more clothing options for plus size women are there any other problems plaguing the plus size clothing and modeling industry that you would like to see remedied?
I really wish plus size retailers would increase the speed of the “trickle down” effect. That is, the speed in which plus size retailers are able to design, produce, and bring to market on-trend plus size designs. I can’t believe how much searching has gone into finding the perfect black leather flared mini skirt. I still can’t find one! And yet, there are a million options for straight size women. I already sketched a design I want and am considering having it custom made! So frustrating.
How do you approach incorporating trends into your wardrobe? Do you consider yourself trendy?
I’m not sure I would consider myself trendy, but I love bringing new pieces into my wardrobe and working with what’s available from current trends. I like to look for pieces that work well with what I already have, and go from there in terms of styling!
Because this blog is called Fat Shopaholic I have to ask you this next question. Do you consider yourself a shopaholic? Since you started your blog have you begun shopping more than you did before?
Yes, and DEFINITELY. I am absolutely a shopaholic—always was!! I find that this blog is both and outlet for my shopping urges as well as an instigator! On one hand, I blog so much about clothing that I feel the need to rush out on a weekly basis to see what’s new or on sale. On the other hand, I’ve been exposed to soooo many new retailers and products I may not have otherwise been aware of and it makes me want to go shopping even more!

Is blogging stressful for you? If so what motivates you to keep blogging?
I love blogging! it’s more of a stress reliever for me—with everything that goes on in day-to-day life, it’s nice to do something  quiet, where I can just focus all my attention on a single thing and have at it! My awesome readers definitely motivate me to keep blogging though—positive feedback is always a huge confidence booster! And occasionally, when I feel particularly lazy, my boyfriend is the one who motivates me. His “You didn’t blog today!” and “YOUR READERS ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO BLOG!” notes scattered around my laptop are annoying little motivators.
Do you have any plans for expanding Curvy Girl Chic ?
Right now, blogging is just something I enjoy doing—I don’t have any massively ambitious plans for it, but it’d be fun to do something if the right opportunity came along! Particularly if it had something to do with opening a plus size clothing boutique, which I’ve wanted to do for ages!
This is a question I’m starting to ask everyone. What do you like about Fat Shopaholic? Why did you agree to this interview?
I love Fat Shopaholic because you write with honesty, address real issues, and have an amazing and unique sense of style! I absolutely love those outfit photos, too! 


Garnerstyle said...

I love Curvy Girl Chic. I love how she uses her petite frame play up her attire.

V said...

I loved this interview. Listen, I find both you and CurvyGirl inspiring. Six years ago I was getting abuse left and right for dressing a certain way via my work as a model (I wasnt even a fashionista I was just being me). Now I see younger ladies not giving a hoot and wearing what you want how you want - more importantly being recognised in mainstream. But you all have your own minds and are now joining as a collective. Seeing this not only brings joy to my heart but humbles me as a fuller figured model. Thank you, to you both. V x

L said...

Another amazing interview! Well done Tiff and Allison! (( I awarded you both a blogger award, so head over to my site to see :) )). I really enjoy her blog, I love to see the outfits she puts together.

Gazel M. said...

I love Allison. Her style is amazing and she has a sweet personality!

CurvyGirlChic said...

Thanks for the spotlight, Tiff!! :D And thanks for the love, Chastity! I'm definitely not petite though...I'm 5'8! lolol.

xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

Stiletto Siren said...

Thanks for featuring Allison Tiffany I love her! Great post!


Unknown said...

Tiff, you do some of the best interviews for bloggers!

Great stuff Allison!!! Another hit!

Kristel Knows said...

love this interview, great job! :D