3 Years of Fat Shopaholic (Giveaway)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I started Fat Shopaholic in 2009 as a way of dealing with a though situation I was going through at the time. I'd only been reading two fashion blogs for about a week and had no idea about fancy cameras, advertisements or free clothes. I was just looking for an outlet to express self. While being native about blogging brought more honesty to my approach I had a lot to learn. Over three years you guys have watched my style grow, my makeup improve, and the blog design and photo quality get better. I made a lot of mistakes getting to where Fat Shopaholic is today, but I don't regret them. Most of them are here on the blog or tumblr waiting to viewed by anyone who cares. I think it's important to to show growth and how mistakes help you learn. 


To thank you guys for supporting Fat Shopaholic by commenting, liking, sharing, and reblogging I have hooked up with Fashion to Figure for the giveaway of 4 $25 gift cards. 

The rules are simple. Just enter the giveaway below and the winner will be picked in 7 days. Please use a email adress you check regularly to enter as winners have 3 days to respond before another winner will be chosen. The give cards will be mailed to you so they can be used both in-store and online. In addition I will be selecting a few more people to receive special Fashion to Figure coupons for use both in-store and online. 

Thank you again and good luck!


Unknown said...

I just started checking out your blog but love every look and ideas. You so talented and blessed. Keep up good work!

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" said...

Congrats on your bloggerversairy! Xo