Outfit Picture Taking Fails.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long time no hear from right? I've been away from you guys for so many reasons. I should make a list. List are good!

1.) School - I started going to a four university and was just over whelmed with reading and writing so blogging took a definite backseat.

2.) Lack of Inspiration - So much of the clothing I've been seeing is just not exciting me. You guys know I'm busy. I like prints, patterns, and just different shit in general. Nothing has been serving me that which means I'm just not excited to get dressed. I always strive to bring something new to the table. I can't be posting pictures of myself in just body con dresses and blazers. I don't do natural hair videos, as many have suggested, because I don't have anything to bring to that platform. A wash and go is a wash and go is a wash and go. You don't need me to show you that. I feel the same way about blogging. How many times can I wear a dress and combat boots before you're over it?

3.) I Have Other Passions. I've been making videos on youtube about my first love, books, for a while. I post book reviews, hauls, and other book related videos so check it out here if you're a reader.

4.) Shooting Photos Never Goes Well - Self explanatory.

5.) Study Abroad - I've been running around all summer trying to get my shit together to move for the school year. You'll be happy to know I got more or less worked out and will be moving  toEngland for 9 months. I'm hoping being in a new place will inspire me more so we'll see.

That's it. I do like blogging. There is an urge to share I think will never go away, so I'm not going to officially quit this blog or delete it. I'm just not going to be making promises to post, I'll do it when it can.

So anyway, here some of the failed outfits photos from the pass few weeks.

 photo 10325297_10154214098470564_3835597814621819159_n_zps035d9daa.jpg
Jacket - Torrid, Dress - Ashely Nell Tipton (made in a shorter length for me), Boots - Doc Marten. 

 photo 10410695_10154491566375564_8950488353220072991_n_zpsfe8adff2.jpg
Vest - Old Torrid Top I DIYed (The tutorial for that is here), Top - Killer Condo (I'm wearing the 2x which they don't appear to have any more), Skirt - Ashely Nell Tipton (made in a shorter length for me, link is to a similar skirt). 

 photo 10636315_10154539996595564_1133371638708177231_n_zps7f8c3d6a.jpg
Jacket - Torrid, Dress - C/O simply be, Boots - Doc Marten.

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